Friday, 16 January 2009

Trying to Choose...They are all so good!

Here are a few of our favorite Senior Portraits of Kelli Sue.
Taken by Ronalyn Barut with a little help from Dulce!
So enough of the wind!!!!! 60-100 mph for the last 2 days! It reminds me of Casper, WY!
And how strange---a 60 degree+ temperature change in a week. 21 degrees below zero last week and 47 degrees today. We have lost a ton of our snow! Kelli is resonably excited though cuz she hasn't had school for 2 days... an ice and wind day...not a snow day!
Took Chelsi, Ryan, and Kelli to "Lucky Wishbone" tonight where we supped on fried chicken, onion rings, fries, corn muffins, milk shakes, and burgers. Kelli had a peanut butter milkshake, Chelsi had butterscotch, I had hot fudge, and Ryan had a boring vanilla flavored shake ...what is wrong with that kid?!?
AND Happy Happy Birthday to my dear dear friend, Debbie Bucher! Hope it was spectacular...just like YOU!

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Blessed. said...

Aww... I love them all too! I'm just so glad that you love them too! IT was our pleasure!