Saturday, 7 July 2012

Friday, 18 May 2012

Another 18!

Played another 18 today with Colleen and Priscilla!  And I did quite well (for me) on the first 9, shooting a 57.  Only had one 10 and only lost 2 balls!  Bunni didn't get to go on the course, because I rode with Colleen.  Great lunch at the Bistro upon our return, where we joined the threesome in front of us (Priscilla M., Sylvia, and Mary) along with wonderful Karen, who isn't quite ready for play yet.  Alex (my partner last week) also came up for a chat!  What fun girls!!!  Then went to the pool to cool off!  Loving life here at the Ranch!

Last night finally made it to Cafe Rivera in Oracle.  Loved it!  My carnita platter was amazing!

Friday, 4 May 2012

GREAT Friday!

Golfing and "The Avengers" and wonton soup at Harvest Moon! 
Also Raleigh Cooper, my nephew, graduated from MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, becoming the 4th Cooper Spartan Alum!  Congrats Raleigh and Go GREEN!
What a wonderful day!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Marvelous May!

So much going on here at the Ranch!  Happy Happy Happy to be involved and surrounded by many wonderful people!  Thank you all!
Yesterday, I was up and at the club to workout...did my 30 minutes on the eliptical and chatted with Jan for just a minute.  Then Paul took me through a 30 minute upper body introduction with some core stuff thrown in!  Thank you Paul for some very sore abs today! 
Then home to get ready for book club (one of 2 that I belong to), we read "Red Hook Road" and had a great discussion and yummy lunch at Bev's home.  Also discussed something fun and exciting that the Ranch Readers are going pursue in the very near future!
Next  I headed to Kadie's to have her spend the rest of the afternoon with me learning how to submit my order!  Her husband, Jack, was a very good sport and even asked if he could help! 
Then quickly home to go to volleyball...hadn't played since December and I have missed it!  Very fun and so nice to see everyone again!

Palo verde in bloom

Kadie and Jan and Betty

Alex and Doreen

Karen and Alyce


Doreen and Bill

My 3x3 cards "Eco Chic" themed

blooming tiny cactus with really tiny flowers

some of the bags we decorated in PaperCraft on Monday!
Today I've worked out, picked up the kitchen, and hopefully put away the Easter decorations (terrible, I know).   Also want to play some mahjongg this afternoon!  

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So much fun last weekend in Mesa with Chris, Kadie, and Jan!  MY first CKC convention and thankfully I was with my fabulous crafty buddies! I took 9 classes and learned so much, also got to see new products, new stuff, new techniques!
Ate some good food when there was time, had a few margaritas, and of course have some new tales to tell!



and more pretty stuff

Smash Class with Shelbi!



Queen & Co twine class!

Kadie, Chris, and I in Gifts Galore!

wanted a picture of us in front of the huge CK mag, but at least it is all four of us!

Winners in Musical Crop!  Used Nikki Sivils' sugar Cookie!

created just for me, just for CKC, by Kadie!

card by Jan...toooo cute!  I'm in the back!