Thursday, 28 May 2009

bear, moose, and yoga

Yesterday I saw the cutest teeniest moose calf and it's momma off of Golden View and then today on the way home from yoga, Kelli and I saw a black bear cub all by itself crossing Rabbit Creek. It's momma might have been already in the woods though! It is the second that I have seen and both have been pretty close to home. This was Kelli's first bear since moving here 2 year ago! She was sooooo excited!!!!!

An hour and a half today of Yoga with Kelli and we sweated our guts out! Rick kept saying that though sweat was not well accepted in our culture that it really was good for us...well I was culturally unacceptable but really good to myself then! Of course, Kelli and I giggled quietly a few times as drips hit our mats or we groaned just a little too loudly. Great workout! I hope we keep it up!

Overcast today with just a little rain..we need it!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

New Digi Page

Graduation dinner at Orso's! It was so great! Became Kelli's new favorite restaurant!

Elements are all from May DAD freebies at Divine Digital, made by Cyndi at wfd. Font is cinema gothic. Fun to digi again!

Darby O'Gill

Just watched Darby O'Gill and the Little People with Mike and Kelli. Loved seeing it again and remembering watching it in Owosso with my younger brother in the late 60s. We were as excited about all the movie food as the movie itself. Back then our little Kingston theatre in Cheboygan wouldn't allow food or drink of any kind...or the 2 women owners would hit you with a flash light! Anyways, Sean is still a heart throb in my book and I love hearing him sing! While researching the actors in the movie I found this...

Saturday, 23 May 2009

KSU's new endeavor!

My indoor herbs...4 kinds of basil and a little thyme!

Beautiful rose from Queen Bette to all of her board members! Thanks! It was a pleasure to serve with such a great group!

K in her new job! {This was taken from the inside of our car as we did the drive-thru}

Amber and Arran taking a break from hmmmmm nothing! ( and yes, they are not very well behaved...their favorite spot to do nothing is on our kitchen table!)

She is the BBQ girl, just waiting to cater after she returns from orientation! I have stopped in twice to give her our business. Yummy! Have had ribs, chicken, and reindeer dog with the works! Kyle had the Cowboy Spud, Chel had a pulled pork sandwich. Mike had the Spud too! The potato salad was also fantastic!

2 moose!

These 2 reasonably young moose have been around all spring. They must be siblings and are so beautiful. Also saw a momma and calf crossing the road today...she looked just plumb tuckered out! Trying to do the video thing...tell me what you think!

Can you see the volcanic DUST they are stirringup when they walk?

How's it growing?

sunflowers, marigolds, and zinnia I think!

nasturium and thyme with my garden boys! Got this planter last year at the Alaska Botnaical Garden's Fair.

dianthus buds

neon star Dianthus

Hi Sara! Just noticed that you were a follower!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Told ya that I was a trekkie prime!

Ryan, Chelsi, and George~~~Louisisana~~~1994

Monday, 18 May 2009

Kristie's Day

Sending warm birthday wishes to my buddy in Aberdeen! Miss our trips, laughs, prayers, teas, sweets, quests, tears, giggles, fish & chips, adventures, and good times! AND really miss you!







Thursday, 14 May 2009


Have walked the neighborhood 3 days in a row now!
Kelli's beautiful flowers from Chelsi
~so sad to see Ty voted off "Dancing witht the Stars"~
he is the real thing and cute too!

Can't Wait---love ya, Johnny!

Mike and I watched Wolverine last night and we both thought it was great! I was so glad to finally see Gambit, he was just as gorgeous as I had imagined! On our way out, I ran into Johnny and was so glad I did!

What a good lookin' man!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Our Graduate!

And now...on to bigger and better things!
Congratulations, Kelli Sue!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sleeping Lady Sunset

Pretty Lady

Planting, Yearbook, and Adverts!

Transplanted basil, dill, nastutium, marigolds, chives, thyme, oregano, and 3 kinds of sunflowers!

Kelli has cooked dinner all week... and we have had yummy and healthy asian, tex-mex, and greek meals. She also made the most fantastic hot reuben "tilla". Did you know there are rye tortillas out there waiting to be consumed????

She also is pretty good at modeling a scrap pressie from NSD! Thanks Tonya!
And still no word from Kelli's high school about her deletion from the yearbook! Have called twice and now written emails to 4 members of the staff. Waiting patiently for a reply....not!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Love the sun but the moon is just as bonnie!

Last Weekend

On gorgeous sunny Sunday, celebrated the graduation of a friend's daughter from UAA and then celebrated some more with 3 tap dancing compadres!

And look at my plants growin' on the back porch...I am so excited...I've got sunflowers, basil, chives, oregano, marigolds, nasturtiums, thyme, and the cilantro sprouted today. Parsley is a little slow! I might have to transplant them soon. Keep it up, sunshine!

oooooh~~~what a fun time was had on Friday!
Spent all day (10am til 11pm) at More Than a Memory! Tonya and her wonderful staff took really good care of us! There was lots of food, drinks, snacks, laughs, friends, and fun and and and not to forget lots of fabulous pressies! I was soooo busy scrapping that I only took these 2 pics! Saw Dulce for the first time in a long time...I've missed her! I finished 2 mini albums and 9 pages. Yay!

And on Saturday, we celebrated our first ever "Queen's Day". Dressed in orange and had a blast. Hopefully photos will follow once Louise sends me a few!
On a not so great note...Our beautiful soon to graduate daughter was left out of her Senior Yearbook! Can you believe that????? Now who is accountable for that????? She was devastated! As are we!!! What would you do?