Sunday, 29 January 2012

Great Day!

Kelli Sue and I cleaned most of the morning/early afternoon!  Now it is time for  Downton Abbey and Boiled Dinner!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

In Texas!

Arrived Thursday and spent the day with my BFF, Kay!  Met Mike at the apartment around 6 and got a tour.  It looks great, so funny to see some of our furniture there.  His new favorite stores are Target and IKEA...that cracks me up also!  Salad that night.
Friday, I was allowed to drive Penelope and drove Mike to work, then to meet Kay as we shopped for ProGrad at BB & B.  Also enjoyed a great lunch at Sweet Tomatoes...OMGoodness Delicious!  Then back to the apartment to get ready for Holiday Party at the Houstonian.  Great evening and enjoyed meeting new folks and seeing past pals like Nancy, Lamar, Luke, and Janie.  Chatted with Janie for quite awhile realized I hadn't seen her since Ryan was born, back in Egypt.  Great food as well and was glad Kelli could attend. 
Saturday, had the best breakfast ever at Pecan Creek Grill.  Shrimp and Cheesy Grits was my choice, Mike enjoyed an Omelette, and Kelli had beautiful french toast!  Hashbrowns were yum too and the coffee was a delicious cinnamon house blend.  Hope to eat there again soon!  After some errands were run, we visited with the Cooke family...some of our favorite people!  Mr. P produced his ever fabulous fajitas and we were a happy group!  Also able to join Kevin at the pre Sadie Hawkins picture taking. So much fun!
Today...slept in, watching movies, drinking slimrite and Mike & I visited the workout room!  Found some clothes and scrapping supplies that I had shipped this direction.  Nice!  Watching football soon!

Mike gave me an article about 5 fat burners...cinnamon, hard-boiled eggs, apples, pinenuts, and oatmeal...luckily all favorites of mine!  Have them all every day!  OK!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Michigan Tomorrow

Kelli Sue is heading to Michigan tomorrow.  She is only there for 5 days to visit friends and then heading back here for a week in Houston and then 2 more weeks before leaving for Australia!  I am sooo enjoying her company!  We are now in Quail Creek with my parents.  Had a great dinner at their grill and then played cards with Dad.  Mom is out playing pony canasta.  Kelli Sue won at "99" and wants to know where her money is!  Ha!
Friends watching Sarah's Key!

Mom and Kelli at Judy's for Sarah's Key!

May have posted this before...too cute...made by Kadie Labadie!

Ryan and Kelli at Cheesecake Factory

Birthday Cards made by Kelli Sue...and Theo

Amber and Arran

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Downton Returns!

Watching Downton Abbey on PBS!  Second season began tonight...yay!  Had to fill Kelli Sue in periodically on who's who, but it is all coming together!  Maggie Smith is fantastic as well as the rest of the cast.
I played the first 9 holes of Saddle Brooke Ranch today with Bill & Sandy Saey and Pam Davis.  So much fun!  It was chilly initially, but by the last hole I was FREEZING! 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Red Riding Hood

Theo and newest Nacimiento from Mexico.

Moon over the Ranch.

Kelli Sue and I fried rice and shrimp stirfry!
Kelli and I recycled our tree today!  Thanks Kiwanis Club of Oro Valley!  We then checked out The Foothills Mall over on La Cholla.  We were going to see a movie, but bought some Levis instead, then headed for Saddlebrooke Ranch!  We both got pedicures at Regal Nails and then headed home to see Theo, Amber, and Arran.  Went on and started using that amazing site watching RRH.  Kelli Sue went to Skype Rachael Jenkins (Olsen) and I am sitting here typing and eavesdropping just a little bit.   Best friends for so long and they are still hysterical to listen to. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mission Impossible Tonight

Mike, Kelli Sue and I went to the movie after a day of running errands!  Great Movie and I ate a ton of Kettle Korn!  (along with a gallon of cherry coke!)    We all worked out this morning, talked with Greg about the morning room niche, picked out stone for the morning room niche, and made plans to return some of the excercise equipment!  After a few other stops, then went to the movie!  Picking up three pails of cat litter and a short grocery stop at Bashas' were the last errands before heading home!

Just a few pictures from NYE at the Ranch!

Welcome 2012


Mike, Kelli Sue and I went to my parent's house in Quail Creek to watch the Outback Bowl yesterday.  Lots of fun and Oh My Goodness...Michigan State was victorious!  There were lots of Happy Spartans !  We celebrated by then coming home and stopping at "It's Greek to Me" for a fabulous dinner. 
In the world of resolutions, 2011 was pretty darn positive for me!  Yay!  I wanted to get back to blogging and I surpassed my previous number of posts/year by 4!   2009 I posted 86 times and in 2012 I posted 90!  Yay!  This is even going to be a bigger year...I am going to try and keep up with Kadie!  Don't plan on one a day, but with recipes/photos/and fun paper projects, I hope to double my current record of 90!