Sunday, 25 January 2009


So, who knows what that is? Pronounce kay-lee!
Tonight, we celebrated the 250th anniversary of Robbie Burns' Birth! Yes, Anchorage, Alaska had it's annual Haggis Bashers Ball! Chelsi, joined Mike and I at the Sheraton for a lovely supper of haggis, prime rib, whiskey, and sticky toffee pudding! Then we danced the "Dashing White Sargeant" and "Gay Gordon"! So much fun! My friend, Susan, in a stunning red dress spoke the "Address to the Haggis" and did a fantastic job! Hilarious speeches, wonderful toasts, and excellent company. Pictures tomorrow!....oh, all right, maybe one or two!

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dulce Rodgers said...

WOW!! Cher love that fur coat you wear it well lol!!!