Saturday, 10 January 2009

Finished it today!

So this is me standing on my front porch this afternoon around 4. Kelli is taking the picture and whining the entire time about how COLD it was! Jeanene had sent me a bunch of pictures recently with people "catching the sun". Well, this is my rendition of Cheri holding the moon! We will have to work on the particulars!!!!!

Here is my finished "Journal My Christmas" from Shimelle. Yeah!!!!!! Played much more catch-up this year! Hope I am more together next year! Not done a cover yet and may not ever! Will post better description later! I love it!


Gez said...

Love your moon photo. I'm feeling your coldness!!
I know what you mean about being more organised for next time with JYC. This was my first time & I've learnt so much ready for the next one!!


Hey, great catch of the moon! I love the photo - makes me wonder how much you see of the sun these days. The good news is that at least we're on the up swing - heading toward shorter nights!