Wednesday, 28 March 2007

#12 and away we go!

Here is #12 from emily falconbridge's art journal challenge! Whew!!!!! 12 weeks of continuous creativity! Amazing!

Leaving for Glasgow today---our boy's senior team is in the Scottish Cup Finals!


Thursday, 22 March 2007


Guess what this week's prompt was? Give up? Your initial!
I love the letter "C", always have! I used to be a double "C", and then I became a "C U"! Still great initials. 2 weeks ago I took a group to tour His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen---See I like my letter"C".
Anyways, because I am Cheri with a "C", I get to say my initial constantly due to frequent misspelling. Very often you will hear me say," It's Cheri with a C, like Cherry, However, it is said like the drink!" On my card, I used Emily's tape technique (I did it in her class in Paris). The rest is foam cut with quickutz! I like it's cheerfulness!

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

BBall Tournie in London

Spent Wednesday thru Saturday in lovely Kingston upon Thames. My 2 younger kids were both in the annual basketball tournament. So very proud of them and their team-mates. They all behaved wonderfully on and off the court! Both the girls and boys teams came home with the Sportsmanship Awards. Our boys came home as Champions and the girls came home with a well earned 5th! Ryan was one of 3 all tournament players and Kelli was our only all tournament player. What an honor for the two of them. Great weather, wonderful food, and fun times were had by all!

Monday, 12 March 2007

*e* #10 & I am back on schedule!

I love these colors!
Note to self~~~ GET BUSY!
Inventory to write, tickets to order, closets to clean, laundry to wash, logistics of getting 2 cats to Alaska, one child to new high school, one child to university, one child to different university, selling a car, sports banquet to finalize, grad to grad, etc., etc., etc.~~~ too bad that I like to sit, knit, scrap, eat, take photos, etc., etc., etc.!!!

*e* #9

Found Inspiration! Art & Nature(past,present,future)!

Drawings! SO much fun!

I am soooo very excited that I can type on tearoses again! I missed thinking my thoughts and writing them down. Bet you are all so very excited too!
These are 2 sketches of one of my favorite stone circles and symbol stones. LOOK! Daffy and the V-crescent!

Saturday, 3 March 2007

7 & 8

Now I can tell you the rest of the story!!!
Journaling on the *SHOE* card!
All of my "SHOE" stories relate to me Big Feet! Ever been asked if your summer job was putting out forest fires? How about "you must have a large understanding of that position". At my 10 year reunion my High School boyfriend said, "Glad to see your waterskis under the table, Cheri!" Definately Character Building! Now at least there are cute shoes for size 11's. My tennis shoes were always mens and my first pair of cowboy boots were mens too! Oh well... I quess I do have a great understanding of alot of things!


Do you see the big dipper in the Seward sign?


In the distance to the right, you can see the "Sleeping Lady".