Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yay! It is my day! I love birthdays!

  • Breakfast at Snow City
  • Drive to Cheri Lake ( I am not making this up!)
  • Seavey Dog Rodeo
  • Lobster Dinner at Home
  • Presents and then Cherry Cake with Cherry Frosting and Cherry Ice Cream

I am sooo excited!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Fun Crop

CA pictures for Aunt Carole

Crop last Friday.

Thanks, Bridget! (Kelli needs to learn to take a better picture!)

Enjoyed the crop for Anchorage Young Life. Good food too. Worked on the 2009 book and 3 pages from Scotland. Earlier, while trying to get organized I finally put together the clipboard/frame for Auntie Carole. A late Bday gift for her!

Lots of COLOR

Imprint MT Shadow Font used MDS to make the rest.

Lucinda Handwriting Font and MDS

Informal Roman Font and MDS
Inspired by Shimelle... and the flowers of AK!

2 pretty kitties

If you don't already know our girls...Amber is Kelli's and is in the forefront wearing a pink princess collar. Arran, named after the scottish isle, is Ryan's and is in the back wearing a lovely black collar decorated with cherries! Such precious additions to our household...they are sisters and turned 4 this July.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Kelli Sue is 18 years old!

Happy Happy Birthday, Kelli Sue!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

And I did it again!

Thought I forgot your anniversary...huh...again!
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!
Love you both bunches!

Happy Birthday to Christopher!

Happy 18th!
Have a fun one!

Blooms R Bustin' Out

Grand Pink Peony

raspberry colored peony

My favorite Blue Himalayan Poppies

Wildflower found in the rocks along the road that Kelli and I have been weeding for the last week! Just couldn't pull this one!

More wildflowers along the roads mixed in with a bit of clover.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

And Guess What?????

There is a CHERI LAKE in AK! Honest! I just found in on the map!

It's my Birthday Month...and Kelli's too!

What have I been doing?

Reading...just finished #4 in the Jim Butcher "Dresden Files Series". Recommended by brother Kelly, Mike and I both love them so far.

Eating... pretty healthy and spending a lot of kitchen time with Kelli.

Walking...almost everyday either up the hill or down Golden View, usually for at least an hour, and always with Kelli.

Watching...bought Mike the 4 seasons of Bones, and we have gotten through #1 and #2. We all love the show!

Watering... my plants in this heat! Nasturtium have started blooming and the cilantro has already gone to seed! Sunflowers are looking great! Trying to pick and dry lupine and wild poppy seeds.

Loving...the sunshine and the sunsets!

Wrapping...presents for my almost 18 year old!

Celebrating...the 4th of July!