Sunday, 11 January 2009

16 Things!

I am
so very proud of my 3 children.
a curious learner.
addicted to mint M & M's.
a cat lover.
a Michigander and proud of it!
a lover of change.
a compter zombie to all hours of the night.
a collector.
living in the coldest place in the world. Brrrr!
pretty darn happy when I am cooking and eating.
a believer.
not musical in the slightest.
a huge Disney fan.
a traveler.
happiest when surrounded by family.

Well those are mine.
Found this on Bridget's blog and then on Ronalyn's.
Now it is YOUR turn!


Blessed. said...

Yea! you did it too.. it's amazing what a simple blog entry could start. I enjoyed reading..
haven't seen much of you at the store? Maybe soon!

dulce Rodgers said...

that was awesome;)

Bridget said...

Yay Cheri! I love it! I didn't remember you were a Michigander. What part of Michigan?