Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Home Again

Up early and of course got on the computer!  Amber, Arran, and Theo all cuddled up with me, nice to  be home...and I think they are glad too!  Worked out, clipped Theo's claws, did 3 loads of wash, changed the sheets, and started the Dyson moving!  Talked to Nini, Ted, and Doreen...need to call Mom to see how her night went.  Mike arrives on Friday, Jeanene arrives on Sunday, and Chelsi arrives on the 3rd.  No one overlaps to see each other, but Mom and I get to see everyone!  Kelly left on Tuesday and on Monday night the 3 of us went down to Tubac and ate a wonderful meal at "Maria's Grill".  

Lent begins today and I am looking at a healthy 40, eating 3/5 of the following daily-oatmeal, cinnamon, hardboiled egg, pinenuts, apples, trying to replace water for beer,  and thanking God daily for my health! (also signed up for bp's annual "Staywell" program this morning)

Here's to your health!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bye Daddy!  I Love You and Know You Love Me Too!  Thanks for Everything!