Thursday, 26 June 2008

Happy Birthday!

Have a happy day Daddy! Happy Birthday Aunt Carole!

Monday, 16 June 2008

The Twins were Back!

So these are one quick growing plant! I think they are "Bleeding Hearts". And they sprouted and flowered in 2 weeks! Amazing!

Ryan called me to look out the window this morning around 6:45. The twins were back! Alittle bit bigger and definitely more independent! Momma Moose let them wander all over the yard...which they did! WE ARE GOING TO BLAME THEM FOR RYAN BEING LATE FOR WORK! We miss YOU~~~Kelli Sue! Hugs to Michigan!

Happy Father's Day!

Chelsi and I were surrounded by MEN! How nice is that!?!?!?!
Wayne joined us for dinner and to watch the 5th game...which Magic's old team won! Yeah! Ryan had a great time with the burgers! Ryan prepared a humongous sweet potato for his dad and Kyle was excited that Mike shared! Chelsi baked snickerdoodles and I brought home "Baby Ruth Cream Cheese Brownies" from the ECW Bake Sale at church. Recipe follows:

1 16 ounce box brownie mix
4 2.1 ounce Baby Ruth Bars, chopped
1 8 ounce cream cheese, softened
1 egg
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Make brownies according to the box, but don't bake!
Mix cheese, egg, sugar, vanilla in small bowl!
Fold chopped bar into this mixture!
Spread brownie mix in 9x13 pan!
Spoon cheese mixture onto brownie mixture!
Swirl cheese mix into brownie mix~ be creative!
Bake 325 degrees for 35 minutes!
Oh Boy! You will love it!

Our Menu for dinner:
Ryan Burgers with cheese
Greek Pasta Salad
Asparagus in italian dressing
Corn on the cob
Sweet potaotes
BR Brownies with cherry almond fudge ice cream

Friday the 13th Crop!

Another amazing sunset!

Friday the 13th...Chelsi and I went to our first CROP! We were busy chatting, cutting, and glueing from 5 til 11! They served us a great dinner of BBQ pork and pasta salad. I worked on my May project and a LO from earlier, then I did a ton of hybried pages where I was just finishing them up. Chels worked really hard on a 8x8 book for Kyle. Fun to see Bridget, Ronalyn, Alison, and Susie~~~and to see what they were working on. What a deal!!!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Dinner Page!

Still Playing with my Digis!

Here is a picture celebrating 3 generations of 3!!! The Smith girls, the Cooper kids, and then triple shots of the Utsler kids! ~*~Bonus~*~ 3 Utsler cats!

Chelsi, Kyle, and LIBERTY!

Have been scanning old pictures wildly! Love this blue eyed girl!

Another page from Debbie's visit. Freebie Digi kits from 2 Peas and Shabby Princess. Blue Botanical is my first digi purchase!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Kelli goes to ISA Prom

Here are 2 beautiful girls...Kelli and Jess!

Digi Page for SEWARD

Just made this from freebies on Shabby Princess. Love this new Digi/Shoppe/Ideas site!


Congratulations to all 2008 graduates~~~especially Raleigh, William, Luke, and Evan!

Debbie's Visit & promised moose calf pictures

See*** there is a second babe behind momma moose!

I thought I would color coordinate myself with the Alaska Railroad!

So, Debbie from Louisiana came up to the wilds of Alaska from the 11th til the 23rd of May*edited thanks to Eagle eye Janet!*. We had a blast! She was able to see a lot of the countryside, see all of the kids, and the most thrilling part for us ...she made GUMBO! She also brought me PJ's Southern Pecan Coffee which I haven't had in years and she brought Kelli Sue... Boscoli Italian Salad! Now we will wallow in muffulettas!
Chelsi is here and working at NANA Training.
Ryan has returned from Arizona and is starting work on the slope next week.
Kelli left right after school got out for Scotland. She goes to Michigan tomorrow to spend the summer working at the Boathouse Restaurant and staying with my folks.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

2 itsy bitsy teeny tiny baby moose

At about 11:30 last night I was out on the porch taking sunset pictures when what to my wandering eyes appeared but a Momma Moose with her 2 beautiful moose calves. Due to my excitement in telling Ryan and Mike and the lateness of the hour, the pictures are not too swell, but I will get them posted later. I was soooo thrilled...and so were Mike and Ryan, who watched them from Kelli's downstairs window for about 5minutes. They chomped and chewed and scampered along, and looked right at us a few times. Just too cute!