Wednesday, 28 January 2009


and it is sooooo much fun!
Gorgeous sunset the last two days and I of course took a lot of pictures. Played with them on Digital Suite and look what I got! Couldn't decide which I liked best so used them all! Just call me Andy! Ha! The original is the background.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!

Debbie and I at Elgin Cathedral.

Debbie, good-lookin' bobby, Kristie, and Me!
Happy Day, Debbie!

Sunday, 25 January 2009


So, who knows what that is? Pronounce kay-lee!
Tonight, we celebrated the 250th anniversary of Robbie Burns' Birth! Yes, Anchorage, Alaska had it's annual Haggis Bashers Ball! Chelsi, joined Mike and I at the Sheraton for a lovely supper of haggis, prime rib, whiskey, and sticky toffee pudding! Then we danced the "Dashing White Sargeant" and "Gay Gordon"! So much fun! My friend, Susan, in a stunning red dress spoke the "Address to the Haggis" and did a fantastic job! Hilarious speeches, wonderful toasts, and excellent company. Pictures tomorrow!....oh, all right, maybe one or two!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Trying to Choose...They are all so good!

Here are a few of our favorite Senior Portraits of Kelli Sue.
Taken by Ronalyn Barut with a little help from Dulce!
So enough of the wind!!!!! 60-100 mph for the last 2 days! It reminds me of Casper, WY!
And how strange---a 60 degree+ temperature change in a week. 21 degrees below zero last week and 47 degrees today. We have lost a ton of our snow! Kelli is resonably excited though cuz she hasn't had school for 2 days... an ice and wind day...not a snow day!
Took Chelsi, Ryan, and Kelli to "Lucky Wishbone" tonight where we supped on fried chicken, onion rings, fries, corn muffins, milk shakes, and burgers. Kelli had a peanut butter milkshake, Chelsi had butterscotch, I had hot fudge, and Ryan had a boring vanilla flavored shake ...what is wrong with that kid?!?
AND Happy Happy Birthday to my dear dear friend, Debbie Bucher! Hope it was spectacular...just like YOU!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Sara's 16 and Helpful Cat!

This was a lovely sightseeing trip with Sara and Moira just before I moved to AK.

This is how I know Sara... and if you would like to see more pictures than check out "Raggies" to the right! And to see a much younger Kelli actually dancing, click Raggies and then Media and then scroll down to Blackrod bottoms and watch the video.
And this is Sara's helpful cat!
Sara's 16 things ~ tho' not necessarily in order!
I am:~
1 a wife & mother
2 a novice singer
3 an enthusiastic, if lazy, step dancer
4 still struggling to grade 1 piano
5 a Lancashire Lass who adores living in Scotland
6 a keen rugby supporter
7 passionate about liquorice ~ the eating of
8 a Christian
9 still making a patchwork quilt
10 unable to draw
11 intrinsically lazy
12 a knitter & crocheter
13 a tennis player
14 keen to see more of the world
15 a skier
16 a PENSIONER!!!!

Dear Sara,
Having known you for over 5 did I not know you could have helped me learn to knit...and that we shared a passion for licorice. Did I tell you that I still have 5 bags of Buchanan's The Original Rich Liquorice Perfections...Scotland's finest confectionery?

Sunday, 11 January 2009

16 Things!

I am
so very proud of my 3 children.
a curious learner.
addicted to mint M & M's.
a cat lover.
a Michigander and proud of it!
a lover of change.
a compter zombie to all hours of the night.
a collector.
living in the coldest place in the world. Brrrr!
pretty darn happy when I am cooking and eating.
a believer.
not musical in the slightest.
a huge Disney fan.
a traveler.
happiest when surrounded by family.

Well those are mine.
Found this on Bridget's blog and then on Ronalyn's.
Now it is YOUR turn!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Happy Birthday Cymbre!

You are fabulous, darling!
Have a great day!

37 and all done 'til next year~~~Thanks again, Shimelle!

37 prompts...this is it

All wrapped up! I made the journal based on emily falconbridge's messy journal.
page 2 in on the left...used stars and tags to number pages.

pages 9 and 10

page 11

page 12

pages 13 and 14
pages 18 and 19

page 21
last page #37

Finished it today!

So this is me standing on my front porch this afternoon around 4. Kelli is taking the picture and whining the entire time about how COLD it was! Jeanene had sent me a bunch of pictures recently with people "catching the sun". Well, this is my rendition of Cheri holding the moon! We will have to work on the particulars!!!!!

Here is my finished "Journal My Christmas" from Shimelle. Yeah!!!!!! Played much more catch-up this year! Hope I am more together next year! Not done a cover yet and may not ever! Will post better description later! I love it!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy 2009

Sunset at 5 something.

Amber's new sleeping area of choice!

Kelli is loving her new "PINK" mixer and her first mixed item was a batch of oatmeal scotchies for church! So yummy!

Sunrise at about 10am.

It has been below zero here for quite awhile! Ryan is up on the slope working and it is even colder there than here! You can't take too deep a breath or you start to cough and your nostrils freeze closed! I thought Mike was going to get frost bite while he was shoveling the other day...he was out there without a hat! But, believe it or not there was a young man in the grocery store the other day in bermuda shorts and tennis shoes!