Saturday, 19 September 2009

A BEEEAUTIFUL Day in the Neighborhood & random pictures/scans

This adorable little boy is my Mom's dad, Harry Frank Smith.
Mom has had this picture on her wall forever and I finally took some down and scanned them.

Chelsi's 2nd Halloween. She was the cutest bunny in Cairo!

Kelli's newest profile pic! Go Green!

Kelly and I Kayaking on the Cheboygan River
Kelly "The Skiier"-he must have been pretty good cuz my parents let him have poles and the rule always was "no poles til you can use the tow rope"

2 dozen red roses from my husband in celebration of our 24th (on the 14th)

Trying to exercise everyday and today it was a 45 minute walk around the area. (The last 3 days I have ellyped and ridden the bike while watching the first 2 Star Wars!) These are pictures taken of some of the great AK fall colors.

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Here we are Mom, Dad, Kelli, and Me...all in Spartan Stadium!