Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A Walk!

Used new kit from wetfishdesign, based on July sketch08 at pencil_lines, and used my new favorite font CK. Serendipity. My pictures & my walk! Ha!

Ryan & Abby July1408

Hey Jack and New Paint!

Kyle's new kitten!

Soooo much prettier!

Sleeping Lady on the 28th!

Isn't she lovely?
Had a wonderful wonderful birthday, heard from lots of friends and family, and today am going to lunch with the Ladies and Chelsi is joining me too! Life is grand!

Happy Birthday to Me!

This is a Hoary Marmot! A mom and a baby, with another baby outside of the picture. These were below the tram. they whistle to each other and this is where "Whistler Ski Resort" got it's name!

On the tram.

At the top!

Had my birthday dinner at the Seven Glaciers Restaurant~at the top of Alyeska Ski Resort.

Mike baked my Cherry cake, Chelsi frosted with cherry frosting, and Kyle lit the candles.
Dinner was yummy and so was my cake with cherry almond fudge ice cream!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Oldies but GOODIES!

Chelsi, Kevin, and Kelli Sue

Ryan, Kelli, Chelsi, and myself in Trinity on Mack. Island.

Little Kelli Puddleduck in Mandeville.

Ryan looking pretty happy even though he is in the chairs at "Clerk of Course" for a swim meet.
Those were the days!

Soon to be our Birthday!

Hey Ms. Many!
It is almost our birthday!
What do you think about that?
And Happy belated to that other July Birthday Boy!
What a great month!
Wish the sun would shine so that I would remember that is was summer!!!!!!!!!!!

More Flowers & a bee butt!

Wild daisies in our neighbor's yard.

chives from a friend--you know herbs are always better when they are from someone else's garden!

Gorgeous and all 5 are still alive!

can you find Bumble's butt?

Flowers & one of Amber

Amber says "hi"!

Ryan and Kyle planted 5 Himalayan Blue Poppies for me.

and 2 wild geraniums!

Lovely Fireweed, just like in Scotland!

and a pretty purple flower????? Notice it is still raining!

Monday, 21 July 2008

2 days of sunshine and a rainbow!

Hey Kelli...we all miss you!