Monday, 8 December 2008

What do I see? Teeny Tiny Christmas Decorations

And this adorable Holy threesome was my very first Nativity set. Bought it myself from my Mom's cousin Mart when she had a store in Henderson, MI. Always kept it in a tiny xmas tin in the hutch. I am guessing that it is about 35-40 years old.

This pretty under glass is also a miniature and made from clay. Mike bought it for me when we were vacationing in Sorrento, Italy, March, 2005.

Put up the 3 miniature trees yesterday. This is a Hallmark "Woodland Baby" of Kelli's. The Kitchen fairy is from a set of 3 that Connie gave me in TX.

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dulce Rodgers said...

I just love Christmas and all the pretty decor;)