Saturday, 6 December 2008

Look at this headline!

This was honestly a headline in our daily paper today and it was the Prompt for day 5 of "Journal Your Christmas"!

We have always done Advent Calendars. My parents have a paper church with the steeple holding 24 tiny boxes that slide down. Each box held a tiny plastic figure of the creche. I loved that Advent Calendar! you still have it?

When we lived in TX the girls received a Western calendar that is a pouch holding little felt ornaments in western shapes. It is pretty cute!

When Kelli and I were in Austria last spring, I know I picked up numerous beautiful paper calendars, but can not find them now! Surprise, surprise! I will probably find them in time for the 4th of JULY!!!
And look who is sleeping on Kelli Sue!!! Arran never does this and Kelli was so exhausted that she did not even know that Arran was there. I had to prove it with this shot! Amber is usually the lap kitty!

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