Saturday, 6 December 2008


Celtic Creche, given to me by Debbie Cox when we lived in Aberdeen and spent so much of our time Questing for Pictish Stones! Perfect!

This is the baby Jesus from a set I bought in Barcelona. I hemmed and hawwed about getting both parts and decided just to get the Holy Family and ox and burro. Got home and was furious with myself, Chelsi was in Barcelona for a Spanish Program, so I explained where I bought it and what it looked like, etc. (and in Spanish and all in text messages!) When she came home and showed me "tres reyes y tres camelos" that were exactly the same size and right color, I was sooo excited and so was she! Good job Chelsi! I love the bright colors!

This is the complete set...isn't it fun?

Newest addition to collection... gift from my Momma in Michigan this summer for my birthday.

"Traditional nacimientos picture the birth of Jesus. It seems than Saint Francis of Assisi was the first one to come out with the idea of representing with figures the scene in the stable of Bethlehem. That first nacimiento was placed inside a cave in Greccio, Italy, in 1223, to later become a well established tradition in that country.
The excellence of Mexican artisans helped in a significant way to the development of this custom in our country. A typical nacimiento shows Jesus in a crib, with the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph at His side. Inside the portal (porch), which can take the form of a cave, a stone house or a cabin, there are several animals surrounding the Holy persons: burros, oxen, sheep, cows, horses. Additional personalities who take part are shepherds, angels, pilgrims, and the Kings from the East who came to adore Him. The star they followed to Bethlehem always crowns the nacimiento, giving it light and color." This was found at

I have a collection af nacimientos and hope to post their pictures over the next couple of days.

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Chelsi said...

Me gustan nacimientos muchos!!!