Saturday, 23 May 2009

KSU's new endeavor!

My indoor herbs...4 kinds of basil and a little thyme!

Beautiful rose from Queen Bette to all of her board members! Thanks! It was a pleasure to serve with such a great group!

K in her new job! {This was taken from the inside of our car as we did the drive-thru}

Amber and Arran taking a break from hmmmmm nothing! ( and yes, they are not very well behaved...their favorite spot to do nothing is on our kitchen table!)

She is the BBQ girl, just waiting to cater after she returns from orientation! I have stopped in twice to give her our business. Yummy! Have had ribs, chicken, and reindeer dog with the works! Kyle had the Cowboy Spud, Chel had a pulled pork sandwich. Mike had the Spud too! The potato salad was also fantastic!

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