Thursday, 28 May 2009

bear, moose, and yoga

Yesterday I saw the cutest teeniest moose calf and it's momma off of Golden View and then today on the way home from yoga, Kelli and I saw a black bear cub all by itself crossing Rabbit Creek. It's momma might have been already in the woods though! It is the second that I have seen and both have been pretty close to home. This was Kelli's first bear since moving here 2 year ago! She was sooooo excited!!!!!

An hour and a half today of Yoga with Kelli and we sweated our guts out! Rick kept saying that though sweat was not well accepted in our culture that it really was good for us...well I was culturally unacceptable but really good to myself then! Of course, Kelli and I giggled quietly a few times as drips hit our mats or we groaned just a little too loudly. Great workout! I hope we keep it up!

Overcast today with just a little rain..we need it!

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Blessed. said...

Yikes! It's that time of year again!!! Bears! Kudos on the yoga :)