Sunday, 11 December 2011

11 it is! 3rd Sunday in Advent

Today's candle at church signified Mary and the story of  "the Virgin of Guadalupe" was printed in the program.  When I was a Junior in High School, my Spanish class went to Mexico and we went to that cathedral and saw the robe of the peasant boy who saw Mary.  I was impressed then and still am.  Mary signifies the willingness to gently do what God wants you to do.  To say "YES" to God!

My window read, "And Mary gave birth to her firstborn son.  She wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger." Luke 2:7   In the wee picture Mary is shown behind the straw filled manger, and the baby is smiling up at her.    (On a side note, Theo is enjoying ripping off the opened door and chewing on all other papers as well!  Is he teething???)

Visited Westminster Abbey (one of my favorite places ever) today on my desktop calendar!

JYC prompt #11 is "Oh Christmas Tree"!  Mine is not even up your's?
transperancy made from pic of Steve&Judy's overlay
Theo and I reading Jeanene's 2nd put on her webpage!

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