Thursday, 7 July 2011

Monsoon Season

Arrived in Tucson last night at about 9 pm.  Anne was waiting for me and whipped her cute little red bug around to pick me up...glad we managed to get the faithful lilac suitcase into her trunk.  Amber and Arran were waiting at the door and seemed very happy to see us.  All the "cherry" items made it, as well as a jar of Saunder's Hot Fudge and my 4 Cheboygan brewery glasses!  Yay!

Now sitting in my room listening to the wind, thunder, and rain!  The sky went from bright sunny to a bit of a haze to a impenetrable curtain of rain. Very interesting.  I think I got a rainbow picture before the rain really started to pelt down.

Had a great time in both California and Michigan! 

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