Saturday, 9 July 2011


Ate way too much over the last two weeks and didn't excercise a I found this site... .  I was looking for a calorie counter on line and came across this great site.  I now have a food diary, excercise diary, and it allowed me to add my own recipes and then sorts out the calories per serving.  Love it!  Heading for skinny M of the B in a month!
 Looking left out the back door!

 Looking right out back door.
Best Bird Bath in Town!
Looking left again the day after the rain and rainbow.  The ocotillo is leafing out, the marigold is beautiful along with the firestick and white flowered covered bush.  I lost 2 big bushes and 1 marigold with the freeze.  Now I just need something pretty in those 2 pots!
Can hear the thunder in the distance...maybe more rain today!

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