Saturday, 30 January 2010

January has been a busy month!

APWC is having our annual fundraiser on Feb. 13, so have been busy with that. Making a recipe book with the scrap group, placecards for the 2 bp tables, favor boxes, posters for auction items, beautiful frames, and various other fun things!
Ryan was home til the 16th, and Kelli was with us til the 9th. Chelsi and Kyle just got back yesterday from the slope, and Mike is in AZ after 4 days in the UK! Doing 2 different bible Studies- "Reasons for God" and "A Study of Acts". Our church Potluck is this Sunday followed by the annual meeting. Great luncheon with a wonderful speaker last Wednesday. Mahjongg on Thursday and I am hosting. Recently did the "Gavel Games" which benefits AYC, and our team came in second...what a blast! We celebrated Burn's Supper in style at the Sheraton. And we also enjoyed the "Fire and Ice" gala very much! Everyone always says that Jan. and Feb. are long, with nothing to do...I don't think so!

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