Friday, 15 January 2010

Cheese Party at my House!

Pretty colours of the inlet!

So much fun today! Spent about 2 hours chatting, laughing, and eating cheese with my book club buddies. We had read "The Cheese Chronicles" by Liz Thorpe. Not our normal read, but lots of fun! Gave my copy to Stephanie, but will eventually pass it on to both Chelsi and Kelli. I think they will really enjoy it too! We sampled Marco Polo, No Woman, Flagship, Flagship Jack, Laura Chenel's Che'vre, Point Reyes Original Blue, and then Paige brought some Swedish Farmers Cheese and Stephanie brought some Wis. Aged Sharp Cheddar. All were yum! Paired them with almonds, mint jelly, olive relish, honey, apple slices, raspberry jam, kalamata olives, and of course crackers! Missed Kay and Susan. Reading "The Help" for next month.

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sara n said...

A cheese party, now there's a great idea for a Raggie do!