Monday, 17 November 2008

More Pretties

So had a bit of a computer glitch, but thanks to my hubby and his colleagues, it is working again! Supposedly, there was a heat issue stemming from internal smoldering of cat hair!!!! So, I guess I need to keep Amber off of my lap while computing and off of the computer while I am not computing! See previous post from this summer! (JULY 21, 2008) Amber just loves my computer and my lap... she is holding down my arms now as I try to type...the constant movement bothers her not in the least!!!
Here are some pictures~~~you know I love our view and then I took one of the frost.
ok so having problems uploading! Try again later!

And big thanks to KAY! She called to tell us that the Northern Lights were out! Pretty, but not spectacular. The moon was very bright and made them harder to see! Still counts as my first sighting though!!!

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