Sunday, 30 November 2008

Last Day of November

Well, we got about a foot of snow and it is still falling!
Kelli and I put up some outdoor lights today and giggled wildly throughout the process! Also got pretty snow covered and brrrrr was it cold!
Still eating T-Day leftovers and they are YUMMY!
Perfected this year's Christmas Card and started putting it together while we watched "The Holiday".
Made my own signature font online for free. This is too much fun!

Also have this cool site where you generate a old looking library card with your own text.

Looking forward to the holiday season...starting My Journal tomorrow!

Happy First Sunday in Advent!


OnlineBiashara said...

sorry mum for snow here in kenya Is HOT, we are boiling the white sandy beaches arer shining, Ocean is evaporating.

Trees said...

Looking forward to seeing your first layout, just visiting from jyc!
Trees x

dulce Rodgers said...

Oh Thank You so much for the book!! What a great idea I just got it yesterday;)