Sunday, 6 January 2008

A few Things!

Hi All! It has been awhile...busy holidays and on the whole , they were great! I hope yours were wonderful too!
This view is from the other day it beautiful or what?
Look at all the jewelry I have made or restrung since my bead much fun! Kelli actually did the pretty green pearls (Mermaid pearls, she says!). 2 of the bracelets and 2 of the necklaces have been sitting in my jewelry box broken for years and now I can wear them agian! Yeah! Signed up for another class in February"How to make a rosary", I am hoping that I learn a little bit about the back ground and history along with the technique.
Liberty and Amber are making friendly while Kelli is reading and then there is Arran all curled up on a needle point wreath pillow that was a birthday gift from my mom at least 25 years ago.
Am enjoying "Got Paint" with Em Falconbridge, it is an online class and I think you can still sign up.

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