Wednesday, 6 December 2006

St. Andrew's


Went shopping in St. Andrew's today. Checked out the Christmas Shoppe and the Teapot Shop. Had a very nice cup of earl grey tea and a freshly baked scone too. I was so excited to find the "Figgy Pudding" teapot that Debbie C. got there a few years back. I just love it---too cute! I will put a picture on tomorrow. Here are some shots of the sun rising over the North Sea and some stonework in St. Andrew's.
Then it was back home for a quick bite. Ryan returned early from a game in Glasgow. They won! Yeah! Off to dance practice. We(Raggie Morrisons) will be performing this Sunday in Aberdeen.


bonnie & cheri said...

St. Andrews - how awesome!!! I might need to make a road trip there over the holidays.

kristie said...

Had a fantastic time in St.Andrews!! Just wish we had a little more time!

Kelly said...

Hi Cheri. Let me know if this works. I finally made sticky toffee pudding the other day and it actually turned out ok.