Friday, 22 December 2006


19 of us went to the panto this afternoon and I laughed a ton! Hopefully, everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.
My kids think that it is hilarious that every year we invite families to go and then the following year, those families have left the country rather than go to another panto with us!
Mike still doesn't have his luggage!{he is trying to tell us that all of our presents are in his missing luggage--yeah right!}
Finally cut out the Mrs. Claus cookies, and made the frosting, but still have not decorated them!
Have not put the traditional gingerbread house together either, though Bonnie has given us a family of 5 gingerbread people to abide there, once it is constructed.
Watched "Santa Claus 2" tonight. Fantabulous! Chelsi has already seen #3.
Tonight we also opened our St. Nicholas package from the Clancys. We received it yesterday though Connie sent it in October! Very fun, we loved it all. The cats went nuts and drooled all over the wrappers, KSU loved the chai since Chelsi couldn't find any, and I loved the playmobile ornaments.
Happy December 23rd to all!

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Bonnie said...

Glad the panto was fun!! NO luggage yet- send Mike shopping for more presents. Got some great pics on union of the lights today. Sent you a couple.