Friday, 18 May 2012

Another 18!

Played another 18 today with Colleen and Priscilla!  And I did quite well (for me) on the first 9, shooting a 57.  Only had one 10 and only lost 2 balls!  Bunni didn't get to go on the course, because I rode with Colleen.  Great lunch at the Bistro upon our return, where we joined the threesome in front of us (Priscilla M., Sylvia, and Mary) along with wonderful Karen, who isn't quite ready for play yet.  Alex (my partner last week) also came up for a chat!  What fun girls!!!  Then went to the pool to cool off!  Loving life here at the Ranch!

Last night finally made it to Cafe Rivera in Oracle.  Loved it!  My carnita platter was amazing!

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