Saturday, 25 April 2009

I Love to READ!

Here is a list of my most recent reading material:
The Witch of Portobello ~interesting and not what I expected
If I Should Never Wake ~ Wonderful, I had such a connection!
Confessions of a Shopoholic ~ clever and fun
Molaka’i ~ a lot of emotions in this one and fascinating history, plus read it while in Hawai'i
The red leather diary~~~ (about 1/2 way through it)
The vanishing act of Esme Lennox ~ loved it! couldn't put it down!

The preceeding 6 have been for a book club. Have I mentioned that IISNW is written by my sister-in-law and is beautifully written about northern Michigan?

Look me in the eye: My life with asperger’s ~ very insightful and I share the author's age

Frill Kill ~ fun mystery in New Orleans solved by a scrapper!

and last summer/fall I read the 4 books in the Twilight series...just so I would know what Kelli was talking (drooling) about!

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