Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Fall is always sooooo busy for us!
Kelly's birthday, then my mom's birthday, and then Chelsi's on the 25th of October!
Went to hang out with some wonderful Cooper women at the end of September...thanks for the great time in CA, Lori, Karen, Dora, Ella, Carole, and Emma! (HA!) Loved that chowder at Hog something in San Francisco!
Have been BOOING people as much as possible!
And then went down to Las Vegas last week to check out the strip and see UNLV campus for Kelli Sue! Ate too much, sat in the sun, and gambled just a little bit! Saw fabulous Bette Midler and Le Reve.
Have had snow since the 5th and just finished getting all the snow tires put on the 3 cars today!

So I hope to get some of the great pictures and LO's on this here blog, but that might take a few days! Like I said...BUSY!!!

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