Sunday, 8 June 2008

Debbie's Visit & promised moose calf pictures

See*** there is a second babe behind momma moose!

I thought I would color coordinate myself with the Alaska Railroad!

So, Debbie from Louisiana came up to the wilds of Alaska from the 11th til the 23rd of May*edited thanks to Eagle eye Janet!*. We had a blast! She was able to see a lot of the countryside, see all of the kids, and the most thrilling part for us ...she made GUMBO! She also brought me PJ's Southern Pecan Coffee which I haven't had in years and she brought Kelli Sue... Boscoli Italian Salad! Now we will wallow in muffulettas!
Chelsi is here and working at NANA Training.
Ryan has returned from Arizona and is starting work on the slope next week.
Kelli left right after school got out for Scotland. She goes to Michigan tomorrow to spend the summer working at the Boathouse Restaurant and staying with my folks.

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