Monday, 8 October 2007


Woke up to SNOW on Sunday morning, and as I was rushinig off to church I did not take any pictures! There was not any down in the city, but as I returned up Rabbit Creek Road there was still a little. Amazing that our house is that much higher than Anchorage! Here are pictures of another sunset and then some wild flowers from last week. The flowers are in our neighbors back yard which is out our front window. (I think! Growing up on a lake I never know what is back and what is front cuz it is the opposite to everyone else!) ENJOY! And see the mountain range in the first one? Usually the sun doesn't shine on them so nicely...just begging me to take a picture!


Marjolein said...

Oooooooooh these are gorgeous, the sun picture, the flowers,..the mountains... And snow!!!!! already? Geez, I'm so glad I live more to the South in Canada... But you never know, by the end of the month we can have it too.... yuk:-)

A.S.K.-P. said...