Thursday, 26 April 2007

Ryan is 18!

My baby boy turned 18 yesterday!

I can't believe that I got this far behind! Here are #'s 13, 14 &15 for emily falconbridge's challenge art journal! #16 is still being worked on by others.

13--What is on your mind? Knitting is on my mind as therapy for the other things that are actually on my mind!

14--birds I love my pictish birds!

15--parents Thank God for my wonderful wonderful parents!

In the last 4 weeks I have been back to Texas to see Chels, taken my first walk around Dunnottar(thanks Bonnie, Matt, and Cameron), toured Marischal Museum with Elizabeth, and about a million other things to get ready for Ryan's graduation, the end of the school year, and *THE MOVE*!


Bonnie said...

Great pics - love the one with the daffodils and dunnottar in the background.

Anonymous said...

Your cards are lovely. Love the bit of knitting, I have'nt knitted for so long.

Nicole said...

Your cards are terrific! I wish I could knit :) I'm totally jealous ;)