Saturday, 3 March 2007

7 & 8

Now I can tell you the rest of the story!!!
Journaling on the *SHOE* card!
All of my "SHOE" stories relate to me Big Feet! Ever been asked if your summer job was putting out forest fires? How about "you must have a large understanding of that position". At my 10 year reunion my High School boyfriend said, "Glad to see your waterskis under the table, Cheri!" Definately Character Building! Now at least there are cute shoes for size 11's. My tennis shoes were always mens and my first pair of cowboy boots were mens too! Oh well... I quess I do have a great understanding of alot of things!


Lis said...

Your card is awesome and i love the sunset photo :)

valerie said...

these cards are just fab love the shoe one

Je@net said...

Nice cards!!!!