Saturday, 1 December 2007


MY Happy Place is anywhere there is water! Get me near a pool, a beach, a lake, hot-tub, ok , so you get the picture, and then there is a great chance that I am happy! I was raised on Mullett Lake and surrounded by all the Great Lakes. 2 of my kids were born with the Cheboygan River in view, my youngest was born within spitting distance of the Mississippi River. All of my kids and my mom are A1 swimmers. When we go on vacation, please be sure it includes a beach, a lake, or at least a pool. I love to swim, shower, listen to the rain, and smell the sea. I love water! This card is layers of ripped blue and green papers, with blue, green, and white watercolor crayons and blue ice twinkle H2O.

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Je@net said...

Wow, what a great card!! Love the blue"water"colors!!